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The Boltz Auction Company
Real Estate Advantage

The advantages of buying and selling real estate by way of an auction are attracting more attention than ever.

An auction is a wise alternative to consider if you're in the market for real estate of any kind. And Boltz Auction Company is the right company to turn to, as our approach to selling real estate is both innovative and customized to your needs and your property. Our marketing department is experienced in creating customized programs that can include, but are not limited to, brochures, direct-mail programs, promotions, and multi-media advertising.

Some of the advantages of selling real estate using Boltz Auction Company include:

For sellers:

  • Competition among buyers can lead to a sale price that exceeds the price you may receive in a negotiated deal.
  • An auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest, in addition to exposing the property to a large number of buyers at the same time. The buyer enthusiasm can be quite contagious!
  • Auctions accelerate the sale process, often getting the property sold within weeks and thereby eliminating potentially costly delays.
  • An auction offers the seller more control of the sale - the seller determines the date, time, and conditions of sale.
  • An auction can create a sense of urgency - the buyers must react immediately, or lose a great opportunity to purchase.
  • At an auction, the property is sold as is, where is, and without contingencies.
  • Bottom line, auctions save the seller money. Using the auction method of sale costs the seller less because there are lower commissions and the buyer pays the transfer tax. Not to mention the potentially higher sale price.
For buyers:
  • Auctions allow buyers to be sure they are purchasing property at fair market values.
  • Auctions expedite the process by eliminating long, drawn-out negotiations and make it easier for the buyer to purchase property quickly.
  • Buyers are assured that the seller is truly motivated to sell.
  • An auction allows the buyer to set his/her own purchase.
  • Which in turn, allows the buyer to arrange for financing weeks prior to the date of the sale.
There are basically two types of real estate auction, the absolute auction and the auction subject to confirmation. There are advantages to both. In an absolute auction the sale is guaranteed, which creates a great marketplace response and buyer excitement. The auction subject to confirmation allows the seller to predetermine the sale price of the property and he/she is not obligated to accept anything lower. The seller does, however, have the option to accept the high bid, within a specified period of time, even if it's lower than the predetermined price.

Many owners of farms, investment property, and other real estate, here in Pennsylvania and across the country, are turning to the auction method of sale as their choice for selling property rather than the traditional method of listing with realtors. And buyers are definitely catching on to the trend!

Check our calendar for upcoming real estate auctions.

Contact us today for a free evaluation and we'll be glad to discuss the benefits you can expect to receive by selling your property using the auction method of marketing.

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